The Solicitor who made my journey effortless.

The application process for Permanent Resident of Australia seemed extremely difficult and daunting before I approached Shalini Vellapandian. With her thorough knowledge of how the entire system works, she made the process extremely smooth and easy. She was very organised and sent me a list of all the documents that I would need upfront, which made it easy to prepare my application.

One of the best things about Shalini is her prompt response to emails. She made sure to let me know the progress I was making and the next steps that I had to take. Shalini kept me in the loop and was very reassuring and straight forward during the process.

I am very grateful and thanks to her I was successful in getting my PR (Effortlessly). I highly recommend her professional services to those who wish to apply for Australian visa.

I Nazeef


In the last 5 years, I have sought a few lawyers/agents to apply and renew visas. I was often left disappointed, having to constantly nudge them to speed up their work. Choosing Shalini to be my immigration lawyer was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Shalini, was not only organised, but also honest in her work. She is very efficient, responsive and has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the immigration laws and visa requirements. My application for permanent residency was not an easy one, but working with Shalini definitely made it hassle free. Most of our communication was only via email, but the responses were prompt and clear. She made sure all the documents required was supplied, which made the evaluation process much shorter and thus cut short my waiting time.

I have no hesitation recommending her to everyone I know. Thank you for all your handwork Shalini.

P Krishnan


I enlisted Shalini from Focus Migration to help with my wife’s visa application and I can say that I am completely satisfied and happy with her service. From day one, I found Shalini to be friendly, professional, but on top of all that, Shalini kept me updated at all times which is very important to me. I recommend anyone who needs assistance with a visa, go visit Shalini at Focus Migration. You will be in good hands. From me and my wife Rica, thank you so much Shalini.



I was a PhD student who thought I could only apply for PR after the completion of my PhD. It turned out that I was eligible to apply for PR with my undergrad after talking to Shalini, and I got my PR within half a year. My advice is, don’t assume anything and talk to an immigration lawyer when in doubt. I recommend Focus Migration for their professionalism.

Carlo, PHD


My prospective employers engaged the services of Focus Migration to facilitate my work visa. I was advised to liaise with Ms Shalini Vellapandian, Principal Solicitor of the firm. From the beginning of the visa process until its logical culmination with grant of work visa, Shalini was always their advising appropriately as well as eliciting unambiguous answers during the officialese that immigration processes involve. It is her professional approach with personal touch which enhanced the quality of our interactions through out the vital process of submission of my application and grant of the visa – thank you Shalini.

I would highly recommend Ms Shalini Vellapandian for assistance and facilitation of immigration to Australia.

SK Sharma


I worked with Shalini Vellapandian of Focus Migration in the appeal against the decision of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on my application for Australian citizenship. As my legal representative at the Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT), Shalini’s hard work and persistence was instrumental in convincing the Department of Immigration to settle out of court, with the approval of my citizenship application. This was a favourable outcome for me and I was exceedingly glad that we avoided the tribunal hearing.

What I appreciated most about working with Shalini was her in-depth understanding of the Australian immigration law, her sound work ethics and efficiency in dealing with the opposition.

Isaac Afara, PHD

Focus Migration provides top-notch immigration services. Our Visa application required a detailed project report to be completed in a short span of time and Shalini’s in-depth knowledge , scrutiny of the report and quick response resulted in achieving a positive outcome. We are impressed with her dedication and diligence. We highly recommend Focus Migration

Abhiram and Krithika

I recently used the services of Focus Migration, specifically Shalini Vellapandian, to assist with obtaining a Partner visa for my Chinese wife. This application was, in my opinion, more complex than a ‘usual’ application in that it would include my wife’s 24 year old daughter. Additionally, I was living overseas and wished the application completed by a specific date so that it would fit in with my future travel plans.

All communication for this application was via e-mail. Communication was clear, and prompt. Responses to e-mails were quick, and in some instances it was possible to have an email conversation with many emails being exchanged in a single day. This meant that my wife was able to quickly obtain required documents if and when the situation arose.

Shalini was very organised in her approach to the application which meant from the outset that a full list required documents and forms could be quickly established. Scanned copies of these documents were passed to Shalini, who promptly reviewed them and made appropriate comments to improve our case for a visa. Her understanding of the way in which the Department of Immigration operated and what the Department considered to be important was very apparent in all of our communication. This well organised and managed approach meant that I only had to travel to Canberra once so that all documents and forms could sighted by Shalini to therefore meet the Department’s requirements.

Shalini’s comments and assessment on the possible success of the application were always honest. And even when she had some concerns she was positive and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending Focus Migration and Shalini for the purposes of visa application. I believe that Shalini’s efforts improved my wife’s application, and was instrumental in the application being successful for both my wife and her daughter.

Colin Makewell

I was very wary about using a migration agent when we contacted Shalini. My spouse and I had already spoken with two others who had given us very conflicting information, and seemed more willing to simply take our money than to properly assist with the visa process. Reaching out to Shalini was the best decision we made; she was always straightforward with us, and kept on top of the process even when it changed in the middle of my visa application (new laws went into effect, so I had to provide more documentation on what we had originally thought was a complete document package for the visa). Without Shalini’s assistance, we never would have gotten the application in correctly as there are many nuances on the Immigration website as to what actually is or is not required and how to provide it; Shalini made it easy as she knew exactly what was needed and how we went about obtaining and providing the documentation. With her help, my visa was approved on a first application; I’d heard the stories about people having to apply more than once, or for a different type of visa, if one had been denied from missing documentation or some other reason. She never mislead us, and even assisted us with picking the correct visa type to apply for, as there are many different visa types per category. I would highly recommend her firm (and her specifically) to anyone looking for a migration agent.



“Shalini from Focus Migration, Canberra, was of great help when it came to my Visa application. Her advice were concise and honest on the options that were available for me. It was easy to get in touch with her and she was always prompt in responding to my emails. As a client, the whole process was stress and hassle free, as Shalini was efficient in managing and getting everything in order. On the whole, I highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to apply for a Visa in Australia.”



“Shalini is an absolute lifesaver. After a prominent migration law firm failed to solve my dilemma, I turned to Shalini. From the day we met through the day my visa was granted, she was positive in her approach, quick yet extremely thorough and always professional. Shalini combed through every fine detail until she found a solution, immediately lifting my worries away. I knew I was in good hands throughout the entire immigrations process and would highly recommend her. Shalini gets it done!”

Christine M. Salomone


“Big thanks to Shalini who provided top notch service in providing me with all the information I needed, as well as assisting heavily from start to finish. All I needed to do was provide the information from my end, and the rest was taken care of. As hassle-free as immigration processes go! Thanks again, Shalini. Keep in touch.”



“I have been tremendously impressed with the service provided by Shalini Vellapandian and Focus Migration. I am now a proud permanent resident of Australia, and the efficient and professional guidance Shalini provided me made an otherwise stressful process extremely quick and painless. I would absolutely recommend Shalini to anyone looking for professional immigration services.”



“Shalini is the most responsive and reliable Migration Agent that I’ve ever worked with and I will continue to spread the good word about her professional service.”

“My temporary Skilled – Graduate Visa was expiring soon, my Regional Manager sought advice from our Corporate Migration Lawyers and paid more than a thousand in fees to assess company sponsorship options, but they advised that I’m not eligible for Visa Subclass 457 or the RSMS Visa and there is NOTHING they can do to help me stay, which I refused to believe. So I decided to seek local advice in Canberra by emailing a few Migration Firms but Focus Migration was the only one that responded to my email almost immediately, and had genuinely answered a few questions in my email before asking for an appointment to go into details. Unlike many other firms that sends you automated replies or will only answer questions in a consultation.”

“Shalini had clearly assessed my case and background prior to our first consultation and provided very clear explanation of the RSMS visa option to my Manager followed by very clear instructions on what needs to happen next. Her agility and prompt response to questions had made the process seamless.”

“My Regional Manager and Human Resource Manager are both very impressed with the short turnover that Shalini had provided, especially on the RCB approval in less than a week, and overall in less than 2 months I was granted my Australia Permanent Residency, a 9 years dream come true for me. You’re a legend Shalini and I will be forever grateful for your help!”

Kim Lim


“When applying for our residency, we consulted many friends who had successfully received their residency if they would recommend us their migration agent. ALL of them didn’t want to, sharing their unsatisfactory experiences dealing with their agent. Shalini is by far the most efficient and diligent migration agent I’ve had contact with. She will endeavor to find you answers to your queries and within an acceptable time frame. Because of Shalini’s detailed work, getting us to have all the necessary documents ready before application, we got our residency in an amazing time of 3 months from application to approval. We’re both extremely happy with Shalini’s work and would encourage you to give her the opportunity to help you.”

Qing and Kenny


“Shalini is an excellent migration agent. From the beginning till the end, she was always there to provide advice and guidance to aid me in getting my application done as soon as possible. Furthermore, she also offers very affordable fees compared to other agents. I would highly recommend Shalini to anyone thinking of applying for any visa as her experience in the field is unparalleled.”



“Choosing a migration agent is a difficult decision, but I was lucky to be introduced to Focus Migration and Shalini Vellapandian by a friend. I was after permanent residency application and wasn’t sure what are my options and chances. After my first meeting with Shalini I was provided with all the options available and the recommended course of action; also, all my questions and concerns were answered and cleared.”

“The application process was very smooth and easy. All I had to do is to fill a couple of pages and provide the documents; all the other paperwork was done by Shalini. She is very fast and accurate in responding to questions and concerns; even after-hours. Shalini was always updating me with an estimation of how long will it take till the next step and the documents that might be asked by the assigned officer later on so that I could prepare them in advance. At the end I was able to get my PR in less than 3 months. Thank you very much Shalini for your help and effort. I would definitely recommend Focus Migration and Shalini to anyone requiring migration or visa assistance in Australia.”



“Approaching Shalini for the processing of my partner visa has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made. Shalini has been a great support throughout my visa application process – from compiling and proofreading all the required documents, keeping me updated and informed about anything immigration-related, to answering my endless queries, even after hours. She is committed, patient, and has great attention to detail. The best thing about Shalini is her investment into her clients’ cases – I always feel like I can go to her for emotional support throughout the process. Shalini has great professionalism and is definitely someone who can be trusted with immigration needs. I recommend Focus Migration without reservation.”



“It has been a very good experience working with Focus Migration and Shalini Vellapandian. Right from the very first meeting, Shalini was very professional in guiding me with the best possible options to apply for residency. Most importantly, she takes extra care in all her clients application and makes sure they are updated with all the latest immigration changes. She also extends her help or legal advice on non-immigration issues, so she is the first person I turn up to if I need advice on anything. I applied for 485 visa through Focus migration and was granted with the visa in just 4 weeks. For me it has been a wonderful and fortunate experience working with Shalini and looking forward to apply for permanent residency through Focus Migration. Thank you Focus Migration and Shalini. I strongly recommend Shalini Vellapandian for anyone needing help with migration.”

Perumal Viravan


“When I contacted Focus Migration, all I initially wanted was to find out more about my options to stay in Australia after my studies. I had already read through a lot of information and was certain that the only choice I had was to apply for a 457 work visa or a graduate visa. Shalini discussed these options with me but then, after looking at my experience, qualification and employment, pointed out to me that I am eligible to apply for the 187 visa. If I hadn’t contacted her, I don’t think, I would be where I am now. In the following few months, she helped me prepare my documents in great detail, spent a long time with me finding out all the information I needed and she was also working together with my employer in a most professional way. What I really appreciated was her immediacy of getting back to me when I had questions and that she is extremely skilled as a migration lawyer. This is reflected in her attention to detail in the application process. I received my state sponsorship very quickly and only two months after my visa had been lodged, I was granted permanent residency. I am indebted to her for her meticulous work in all matters and I would highly recommend Focus Migration.”



“My employer and I had a great experience with Focus Migration. The process of gaining my working visa was very well managed and everything was done on time. Shalini Vellapandian helped us with all of the papework at all levels, everything was under control, and nothing was left to the chance. She was always well prepared and hardworking on our case.

I can certainly recommend Focus Migration, thank you Shalini.”



“Thanks for your efficient and professional service. Your tailored advice to my particular situation and the best strategy forward was spot-on and it made the whole process much simpler and reasonably “pain-free”! Job well done.”



“Professional, Resourceful and Straight Forward. That was my impression of Focus Migration’s service during our first meeting with Shalini. All necessary information that we were not aware of, as they were not clearly stated on the immigration department’s website, were provided in a simple, clear and straight forward manner, both verbally and in writing. Shalini was efficient in following up any progress or attending to any queries and treated my husband and I in a professional manner.

Both my employer and I are delighted and impressed with the service, knowledge and presentation displayed by Shalini and will highly recommend Focus Migration to anyone who requires this service. We wish Focus Migration all the best for the future.”



“I had an excellent experience with Focus Migration. Shalini explained the necessary steps and required documents for me to obtain my permanent resident visa at our first meeting. She kept me updated every step of the way during the process and was easily contactable.

She provided a very professional service to enable me to obtain my permanent residency. I could not have done it without Shalini.

Thank you, Shalini. I will recommend you to any one requiring Migration services.”

Dr Prashanth


“My experience with Focus Migration has been exceptional. They gave me a clear and complete picture of what my options were and provided a great deal of support in this which is a very sensitive matter to anyone.

Shalini Vellapandian has committed herself to the task, kept me informed at all times and delivered great results with a distinctive personal touch. Overall, Focus Migration have handled my visa application with a high level of professionalism.

I couldn’t have done it without them and I can’t be more satisfied with their services. I will definitely recommend Focus Migration to anybody who is looking to leave part of their future in good reliable hands.”



“Both my employer and I found Shalini very helpful and easy going. She provided detailed explanation and efficient service which lead to the grant of my permanent residence visa. It made me feel very comfortable dealing with her. I appreciate Shalini’s efforts and would like to recommend others to Focus Migration as they would benefit from their professional service.”



“My partner José and I could not be happier with the service offered by Focus Migration, in particular, Shalini Vellapandian’s guidance through the process of lodging our Partner Visa & application for working rights.

From the moment we approached Focus, we knew we had made the right decision to seek assistance from this wealth of knowledge as we were unaware of the complexities of the process and unfamiliar with the ever-changing legislation. We seldom ask for help but realised that we did not want to take any risks with something as important as a Visa application. Our circumstances were also very complex but Shalini helped to put everything in perspective and guided us through the whole process, one step at a time.

We particularly appreciated Shalini’s friendliness and punctual responses to our queries which was very comforting.

A well written letter from Focus Migration was lodged with our application and within a matter of days, José was granted working rights which was a great relief for us due to our tight financial circumstances.

We have no hesitation recommending Focus Migration to our friends, family or anyone looking for a knowledgeable and professional immigration consultancy.”